Theme: Misdiagnosis and Patient Safety in Nigeria Health System: The Medical Laboratory Priority


The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) Annual Scientific Conference and workshop has been a yearly programme since 1964, when the Association was formed. The conference has provided a notable platform for the convergence of medical laboratory scientists, other health professionals, researchers, policy makers and business men and women, where ideas and business fester towards the improvement of health systems and health care.

This year’s conference, the 56th in sequence, is termed SALT CITY 2020. The conference is so named because of the location of the venue of this edition in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Ebonyi State is in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is known as the Salt of the Nation because of the huge deposits of salt in the State, especially around the Okposi and Uburu Salt Lakes. It is a major producer of rice, yam, potatoes, maize, beans and cassava. Ebonyi State is one of the fastest growing States in the country with a purposeful and responsive government, whose massive investment in infrastructural development is clearly evident. The Capital city, Abakaliki, lights up at night, offering the semblance of sights only witnessed in beautiful cities of Barcelona, Dubai and Doha. The network of roads and stretching flyovers obviously eases movement round the city and underscores the level of investments by government. Abakaliki and environ also boast of several places of tourist interest enough to satisfy the touristic longings of visitors.

The SALT CITY 2020, expected to attract over 4000 medical laboratory scientists and visitors, has been adorned with the main theme Misdiagnosis and Patient Safety in Nigeria Health System: The Medical Laboratory Priority and other subthemes targeted at greatly minimizing misdiagnosis, promoting patient safety and improving health care. Experts and professionals of note have been carefully selected to skillfully discuss the topics and share experiences for enduring impart on participants.

The event, scheduled to hold from 11th to 14th November at the magnificently built, expansive and beautifully finished Ecumenical Centre in Abakaliki also provides a spacious and beautiful ambience for high class interaction leading to rewarding business experience. More than 250 manufacturers, suppliers, stockists and service providers have been contacted to showcase their wares and services at the exhibition arena.


SALT CITY 2020 is poised to be a world class conference where professionals, policy makers and business men and women meet to network, share experiences and ideas, socialize and gain lasting knowledge and capacities capable of rewardingly impacting on medical laboratory science practice and patient care in general.


The centre focus of the 56th Conference of our dear Association is Misdiagnosis and Patient Safety in Nigeria Health System: The Medical Laboratory Priority. This topic, which speaks to errors in diagnosis and the safety of patients has become necessary for discussion at such a forum as misdiagnosis impacts negatively on patient management; affecting patient safety, patient economy and overall patient satisfaction. The incidences of false positive or false negative results prevail in practice and requires the attention of all health care professionals, researchers and policy makers.

Misdiagnosis results in delayed patient care, derailment in patient management, unnecessary expenses, client inconvenience, prolonged hospital stay, complications, medical tourism, exposure to other unrelated diseases, unrequired medication, psychological trauma, permanent disability, litigations and even death.

SALT CITY 2020 provides a platform for experts to delve into the issue of misdiagnosis and its causes with the overall intention of providing solutions to this major setback in health care practice. The organizers of this conference envisage that the different perspectives or thematic areas of the programme will enhance the capacities of participants towards dealing with the menace of misdiagnosis and improving patient safety.


  1. To provide a platform in a conducive ambience for experts to network, socialize and share experiences on varied aspects of medical practice and health care and therefore generate solutions to health challenges confronting mankind.
  2. To bring together health professionals and experts with vast knowledge in medical practice and diagnosis to provide much desired information necessary in dealing with the challenge of Misdiagnosis.
  3. To provide opportunity to enable participants build capacities for recognizing those actions that lead to misdiagnosis and effectively deal with them.
    To enable policy makers, meet with health experts and technocrats and create policies vital to minimizing or totally eliminating misdiagnosis and better serve the populace.
  4. To enable participants, gain information from relevant policy makers with mandate to monitor the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and other government policies geared towards improved patient care and safety.
  5. To provide a meeting arena for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, innovators and quality customers for the purpose of profitable business interplay and long lasting relationships.
  6. To ensure that participants and visitors enjoy the touristic beauties and scenic splendours of eastern Nigeria and Ebonyi State, the Salt of the Nation.


The conference will also feature exhibitions from local and international laboratory equipment and instrument manufacturers and vendors. The exhibition will run for the duration of the conference, and would provide opportunities for the networking and business partnership building between laboratory professionals and laboratory equipment manufacturers/vendors.


Abakaliki the Capital of Ebonyi State, other towns and communities offer are home to attractive scenes for the pleasure of visitors. They include:

  • Amanchore Cave. Locate in Etiti in Amanchore-Edd, Afikpo South LGA.
  • Unwana and Ndibe Sand Beaches. Located at Unwana and Ndibe in Afikpo North LGA.
  • Abakaliki Golf Course. Located along Ezza road.
  • Fati Abubakar Park. located beside the Golf Course, along Ezza road.
  • Abakaliki Green Lake.
  • Ogbodu Cornical Mound. Located in Ngbo in Ohaukwu LGA.
  • Slave Market Route. Located in Ezza, in Ezza South LGA.
  • Spectacular Natural Rock Formation, Akpoha. In Afikpo-North LGA.
  • Juju Hill, Abakaliki.
  • Oferekpe Waterfall, Ikwo.
  • Ofogbara Rocks, Ikwo.
  • Libolo Valley, Edda, Afikpo South.