Jos, the Plateau state capital has the quintessence of being the home of peace and tourism right from days predating the colonial masters’ intrusion to the African continent. The Jos weather and the serenity make it the dream city of Nigerians and foreigners alike. Despite the challenges of insecurity that occasionally arose in the past due to misguided elements amongst us, Jos remains a destination for tourism, tourism and learning.

Worthy of note is the fact that Plateau is the home to two foremost institutions where thousands of medical laboratory scientists were trained, nurtured and released to the biomedical world. These two institutions, though have metamorphosed in various stages continue in that similar terrain even now, with hundreds of Professors and PhD holders being the beneficiaries of their contents and characters as they blossom wherever they go.

Plateau state is unique not just in the weather but most importantly in the multi-ethnic setting. The state boast of seventeen (17) local government areas that are culturally and religiously heterogeneous. In spite of this, the people have found a way of blending together in an indivisible entity. The plural culture on the Plateau is best seen in the various cultural festivals, traditional dishes, folklores and signature attires. Geographically, the state is on a high altitude laced with rocky terrains in both the northern and southern parts. The spectacular rock formations are a beauty to behold hence our coinage of this conference ROCK CITY 2018

It is in this Rock City that AMLSN has decided to host the 2018 Scientific ‘Conference/Workshop &AGM, tagged “Rock City 2018” with the main theme “Medical Laboratory Services in Nigeria: Challenges, Threats and Opportunities”. Erudite speakers, panelists and moderators are being assembled to provide the firework that will give impetus to this workshop. Other sub-themes are equally lined up for discussion.

We will like to assure you that the LOC, NOC and NEO in sync, will work towards bequeathing a conference that logistics management of men, materials and monies will be efficient, using information Technology (IT) tools. To start with, registration of those that will attend this conference in Jos will be through an Apps and website that would be provided in due course. Speakers, Panelists and Moderators, Advertisers, Sponsors, Marketers can count on fruitful returns as they invest their resources for this year’s conference.

Hotel accommodation in Jos is not in short-supply as a mere click on google search engine for hotels in Jos will through up hundreds of them with prices ranging from as low as N2,500 to N30,000 depending on your choice.

Welcome to the Plateau where you are bound to see, conquer and be in a hurry to come back to on your own.


On behalf of the LOC, NOC and the NEO,

Sincerely yours,

Theophilus Faruna

(Chairman, NOC).

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